The Washington Endocrine Clinic, PLLC

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Washington, D.C. 20006

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Patient ​Registration for Initial Visit ​​

The Clinic is currently taking new patients.

We are in-network with these  INSURANCE companies. 

To become a patient at the Clinic please follow these steps 

Step #1 -- Read the Clinic's Policies.
  1.  Clinic Financial Policy
  2.  Notices of Privacy Practices (HIPAA)

Step #2 -- Complete, print, and sign the  Registration Form .

Step #3 -- Gather your relevant medical records, labs, radiology to bring to the visit.

Remember to bring with you to the first visit:

  •   ID and Insurance card (required
  •   Insurance referral (if required)
  •   Form of payment

Arrive early to check in.

Patient Forms
Medical treatment authorization
A patient may give authorization for a family member and/or friend of the patient to call the Clinic and gain access to protected health information (PHI). For protection of the patient under HIPAA law, the Clinic offers an authorization form for this purpose.  This form  must be on file before any discussion can take place between the Clinic's providers and/or staff and anyone other than the patient.

Medical records transfer policy
HIPAA law requires that patients who desire a copy of their medical records at the Clinic put this request in writing. The Clinic offers a  medical release form  for this purpose. Patients are asked to submit a completed form with payment information to our office. The Clinic will process it within the time permitted by law.